Hw-module slot x oversubscription port-group y

CSCun06843 cat6000-env 6807: After SSO, power mode changes from Combined to Redundancy.CSCue59987 cat6000-energywise Input queue size becomes negative with energywise enabled.DFC4-equipped module installed, the PFC4XL functions as a PFC4 (PFC4 mode).CSCuu57899 cat6000-firmware c6800 may not pass small frames (64B) on certain linecards.CWDM-GBIC-1470 Cisco 1000BASE-CWDM GBIC, 1470 nm (Gray) 15.0(1)SY.CSCtz13812 sla 2960S can not receive the IP SLA control message from sender.CSCtz48338 Routing BGP Scanner crashing on ActiveRP and StandbyRP on VRF deletion.BFD is not usable when BFD is enabled on both sides and the BFD session is down.CSCsw29816 vpdn L2TPv2 - Enabling ip pmtu on the LAC may blackhole large packets.

These new lines do not inherit the security ACL or transports.CSCth33748 Routing Traffic Forwarded via IP helper-address not dropped with egress acl.CSCtj94631 Access CEF switched locally generated traffic is not resettin dialer idle timer.

CSCto98212 Routing Router crashed when RIPng process is removed on interface twice.CSCtz81129 pki OCSP revocation check uses the source interface loopback for destination.Symptom: Middle buffer iomem leaks seen with dhcp snooping in relay agent environments.CSCus03417 cat6000-env 6880 Instant Access reports incorrect PoE PD Class 0.

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Note: The March 27, 2013, Cisco IOS Software Security Advisory bundled publication includes.CSCtr25386 Routing BFDv6 static route association fails after re-enabling interfaces.CSCui50213 cat6000-hw-fwding LTL index mapping for NLB multicast MAC is delayed upon reload.

CSCun58476 cat6000-routing cat6k:mls cef adjacency programmed with non-existent vlan.Cisco Systems, Inc., 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA.CSCuq49217 bgp Stale BGP leaked routes in destination VRF with soft-reconfig in config.CSCul54254 ospf OSPFv3 may not flush some apparently self-originated LSAs.Borderless Campus 1.0 Design Guide Last Updated: November 19, 2010 Building Architectures to Solve Business Problems ii Borderless Campus 1.0 Design Guide About the.

CSCty94210 pki ENH FlexVPN: CERTREQ improvements in IKEv2 exchange.CSCty04359 Security Manually created WExp certificate - after upgrade Wexp went to offline.CSCuj04075 cat6000-qos Show platform Datapath on Connor shows incorrect vlaues.When a vulnerability scanner such as NMAP, Nessus, Retina or other is run against the Smart Install.CSCtw78343 Infrastructure rttMonApplSupportedProtocols table missing on 151-4.M1.CSCuc51879 mcast-infra Traffic loss on ASR1K in event of RP SSO switchover.CSCte98852 AAA ASR1K: Duplicate session accounting-request message.CSCti71843 IPServices Ping to NAT outside neighboring interface fails.

CSCtj38519 Routing Pacing time increases proportionally with the number of peers on dmvpn.If you enter the no hw-module switch x slot y oversubscription command to configure non. http://www. the VSS adjusts the port group so that the failed link is.Conditions: The symptom is observed when configured IPSec with C7200 NPE-G2 VSA.Enter the no hw-module switch x slot y oversubscription command when configuring the switching module. PFC, DFC,. VSL is a special port group.Summary Cisco IOS Software contains a vulnerability in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).In case of any license issues related to OpenSSL please contact.CSCum39766 cat6000-diag Estelle: Add support for SFP-10G-ZR from IOS side.

Devices that are not specifically configured to enable the Cisco IOS SCP server, or that are.CSCui75787 cat6000-wccp Redirect ACL do not work when WCCP client asked for multiple ports.CSCui77236 cat6k-vs-infra FEX Ports does not come up after SSO if standby port delay is configured.

. no hw-module slot slot_number oversubscription [port-group. use the hw-module oversubscription. ce-per-por t-loc-config.CSCtz26683 Routing RPF chk not supported on tunnel but getting configured.CSCtl02677 MPLS CsC MPLS VPNs can not forward VRF traffic when using c7600.If it is not unique then it needs to be modified to a unique node number by issuing the CLI command "rnmnd <x>" where x. Port Group: IGX. NPM <slot> Update.CSCtn56097 Infrastructure mpls-lsp-monitor for pathecho fails.The Cisco IOS SCP server is an optional service that is disabled by default.CSCue65405 ipsec-core SAs NOT all active after clear crypto gdoi.CSCub68068 cat6000-l2-mcast Wrong Pseudo Port added as mrtr port after IGMPv2 Leave sent.CSCus68580 cat6000-env Cat6500 should power up mod in standby sup slot when enough power avlb.

CSCtu34207 AAA SessProvisioning fail in ISG-SCE interface after upgrade to 15.1.CSCtx87185 Security 008 Output missing for show crypto pki certificates.

All advisories address vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS Software.CSCus76144 cat6k-vs-infra MK1.5 Proposal for zero-touch replacement of Fex stack member.CSCur89529 aaa Class attributes missing in Auth-proxy accounting.CSCuq99797 bgp BGP Route-Target not advertised when rtfilter address family in use.CSCud85342 ipsec-isakmp IKE responder fails to accept RSA-SIG auth if no trustpoints configured.CSCum17260 accsw-ease-of-use DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY on vstack mgmt vlan bringup.CSCtn22691 Security CRL timer is not updated on the standby CA after intial expiration.

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